Party Poker


It’s easier to win at Party Poker than at any other online poker room. Get your welcome bonus of up to $500 when you open an account today.

You could win a $1 million in the Million-Dollar Hand promotion simply by collecting PartyPoints from 5th to 28th June. You’ll get a playing card for every 15 points you collect and will receive a prize when you’ve built a five-card hand. There’s a guaranteed cash prize if your hand is a pair or better. If you hit a royal flush, you’ll win $1 million!

Party Poker offers two types of tournaments:

Scheduled Tournaments: These tournaments have a fixed starting time and are pre-announced. If you want to participate in one of these tournaments, you must register before registration closes. The registration closing time will vary from tournament to tournament, but it will always be announced in advance in the Lobby.

Sit & Go Tournaments: These tournaments are available 24/7. They start as soon as a specified number of players are seated at the tournament table.

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